Once again, Mike & The Mad Dog have dipped into the ridiculous in their efforts to make stupid, un-informed and ignorant comments about the Mets.

I don’t normally do this (because I’d have to daily with those guys), but since no one is listening to reason, I’ll blast the duo here.

Apparently, Chris Russo (Mad Dog) was "blasting" Dunaer Sanchez for being out at 1:45 in the morning (before an off day) night looking for a restaurant with his brother and a friend when a (possibly drunk) driver swerved across four lanes of traffic and hit the taxi the trio was in.

The accident, on I-95 in Miami, dislocated his shoulder and put "Dirty" as we affectionally call him out for the season.

The ridiculousness of ‘Dog’s statement apparently isn’t obvious at a glance.

Dog’s looking at it from a "trouble happens more often if you’re out late than if you’re in your hotel room." And to be fair, that is true.

However, this is not a case of a group of partying college kids getting liquored up and getting into a fight outside of a Denny’s.

Sanchez was "attacked" while sitting in a cab catching up with his brother and a friend. It’s entirely reasonable to expect that you can go get some food in a cab without having someone careen into you.

Why is a person looking for food at 1:45 am?

For people with 8-5 jobs, 2 a.m. dinner is something that happens when you’re out drinking and being irresponsible.

The life of a MLB ballplayer (or NBA or NHL) is different. The players are at the ballpark for an hour after the game doing interviews, showering and going home/back to the hotel. They work from 4 pm to 11 pm or later.

One of the reasons teams stay at five star hotels — not just because they are millionaires — is because they need things normal businessmen do not need. Things like 24 hour bell hop, room service, and weight rooms. If you don’t have an off day before a road trip, you’re checking in at 2-6 in the morning.

A 2 a.m. dinner is like a 9 p.m. dinner for normal people.

I find implying the actions of Duaner Sanchez "irresponsible" absurd. If anything, it’s irresponsible journalism on Russo’s part.

I doubt very highly that Chris Russo would think that he was acting irresponsibly if he left his job at 6 p.m., went back home, got in a cab to get dinner with his friends (hopefully not paying for his large radio partner) and his cab was in an accident that was no fault of the driver, let alone himself.



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