So, why did the Mets lose?

So, why did the Metslose?

Popular opinion would say “Well, Pedro and El Duque were

And that’s true. However, if anyone thought Oliver Perez
would be that good in the playoffs as starter, they were smoking something.
Perez and Maine (2.63 playoff ERA)
stepped up and filled in the gap nicely. Glavine was also ace-like (1.59 ERA). 

Willie managed to the starters situation brilliantly, I
thought. He knew the number one priority was turn it over to the bullpen with a
lead, and we win. And the only time the bullpen failed to protect the lead was
when Trachsel left early, and then the pen imploded in game two vs STL.

We survived the injuries.

I think the real reason we lost was David Wright.

Wright has long been the golden boy who could do no wrong.
And this by no means is me “laying blame” or turning on the guy.


But as the Golden Boy, I expected Wright to step up in the
playoffs, relish the spotlight and deliver clutch hits. He owned the All-Star
game, and I expected him to be the consistent star that he has been in his
career. I expected after his big series, the FOX guys getting lovesick eyes and
talking about how great he is so much that everyone else is almost nauseated.
Just like Derek Jeter.

Our main weakness was lack of production vs lefties. As
such, we needed Wright to step up and carry us against lefties… like he did the
first half of the season.

It was devastating to me to see Wright struggle in the
post-season. It hurt that discover our hero is mortal.

It was like watching Clark Kent
go into a phone booth, make a phone call and tell his step-parents “I just
watched Jimmy Olsen fall to his death,” and go back inside the Daily Planet in
his suit and glasses to write the obituary.

Why didn’t you save us, Superman?

This is the real world, there are no Supermen. And it was
hard to watch the good guys lose.

 I can’t help but wonder if the Cardinals know something
about Wright that everyone else doesn’t.


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