About jpschmack

JPSchmack resides in Dayton, Ohio where he smokes cigars, drinks too much and watches MLB Extra Innings… He probably has too much of an emotional investment in the Mets. He believes the Mets should have a long term vision, a high on-base percentage and David Wright under contract until he retires. He also believes that Ryan Adams’ Come Pick Me Up was the best song ever recorded.
You can email JP at jschmack@juno.com


JPSchmack started posting on the ESPN.com Mets Message Board in 1999, where he became reknown as a poster for his long-winded and stats-filled posts, level headedness on the bipolar board, frequent use of F-bombs and a never-ending stream of one-liners.

In Spring of 2006, his screen name was banned for the heinous crime of posting an off-topic thread about the TV show 24 on the WNBA Message Board.

In May of 2006, the BPhunk All-Stars formed a new message board, and JP hangs out there. He gives much love to the Mets Board posters, which comprise most of his MLBlog readership (if any).